2019, I’m excited for you…

I had an INSANE year last year when it came to photography. I’m talking, busiest year EVER, with more clients than ever – I shot over 87 sessions (WOW!!!), not including adding Brand Photography to my roster, and shooting for a variety of different companies as well.

Typically I spend January and February planning, dreaming, and getting everything ready for the next year of business, and this year is no exception. I’m revising all of my information booklets, prep guides, and pacakage offerings, as well as updating my website and adding more and more current content for you to view.

I really had it as a goal to SHARE more work with you this past year, but honestly between life (raising two little babies, selling/buying/moving houses, and having the busiest year on record) I just couldn’t manage to fit that onto the plate. This year I’m moving it up the priority list! I feel TERRIBLE that I haven’t shared much of my most recent work with you!! These images I’ve been taking I am so proud of, but they have hardly seen the light of day! Thank goodness for people printing their images, and sending photo holiday cards!!

I just wanted to check in here to let you know that I am still alive. I’m still excited about photography, and I cannot wait to capture more memories for you to keep and cherish forever.

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