Melissa & Mark

Melissa and Mark are a very sweet couple! Melissa is a pure doll, who claims she was born in the wrong era. She’s got amazing style, and I am so very excited to be shooting their wedding this July! They want to go for a 20’s/30’s era theme, so we had a lot of fun on their engagement shoot!
We shot downtown Portland in and around the Hotel Delux. That place is beautiful!!! I wish there would have been more light inside, but we still ended up with some amazing pics!! Here are my favorites from the shoot :)

Thanks Melissa & Mark! Enjoy!

melissa & mark1

melissa & mark2

melissa & mark3












5 thoughts on “Melissa & Mark

  1. These photos are fantastic!!! Melissa – you look gorgeous! Courtney -you are so talented!!

  2. Courtney! I’m Melissa’s sister and I just wanted to tell you how AMAZING these are!!! You did such a beautiful job and was able to capture exactly what she wanted! I have tears in my eyes just looking at them!! Thank you! I want business cards for you so I can give them to anyone I meet that needs a photographer! :-)


  3. Courtney you are WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much for a fun photo shoot, we are so excited to see what fantastic things you do at our wedding…in less than two months!!!! Yay!!


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