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April 22, 2010

The weekend before last I got to spend some time with my lovely, wonderful step-sister and her two fabulous children, to shoot some photos.

McKenzie is now three years old, and a little firecracker! She has got an opinion of her own and she’s more than happy to share it with you. I just love little personalities! It’s so fun to ask them silly questions and hear their answers. I’m convinced that child logic is amazing.

Then there’s the adorable Brady. He just turned one month, and this was the first time I met him. What. A. Doll. I could eat him up I love him so!! Congrats on the handsome baby boy Bowling family!!!

Sometimes, when I’m lucky, I’m able to get a photo of a child that is almost like a vision into their future. It doesn’t always happen, but it did this day. Maybe it’s just me and my eyes, but when I look at this photo, I see a much older McKenzie than just a three year old little girl. These are some of my favorite moments to capture <3 And isn’t she just gorgeous?? Watch out Steph, this one’s going to be a heartbreaker!!!

And who couldn’t love a face like Brady’s?? Just look at those eyelashes! They would make any girl i know completely jealous. Why is it that the boys are always the ones with the thick, beautiful, long lashes? Thank heavens for mascara!!

Thank you for letting me capture some special moments for you and your family :) Many more to come!!