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October 11, 2011

I knew I would adore Kimberly and Kevin when they chose Monticello’s as their meeting place to talk over the details of their special day.

The two met at school, and through Kevin’s persistence, they ended up going on a date. She thought it went terrible, and he thought it went great… but in the end, regardless of how that first date went, Kimberly was won over by Kevin’s charm.

She smiles with her eyes when you mention him, and the entire morning, before she had seen her handsome groom, she was brimming with excitement. She was the perfect bride. Beaming with beauty, grace, and anticipation, you can see how in love she is with him. She is relaxed, but excited, a perfect mix for the perfect day.

He is proud. You can tell that he is full of joy, and he has been anticipating this very day for quite some time. He is confident in his decision to marry this beautiful girl, and ready to start the next chapter of their lives together. He too, is calm, but excited. He can’t help but smile anytime he hears her name, and he is anxiosuly awaiting the moment he first sees her walking down that isle, straight to him.

Kimberly + Kevin, thank you so much for choosing me to document your most special day. I hope that these photos serve as memories for years and years to come, I feel blessed to have been there for you both. Enjoy.