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July 14, 2011

Sometimes you meet people, and you just click. It’s as if you were long lost best friends, or kindred spirits.

I have been lucky enough to meet a two of such people in the past 9 months, and one of them is Deena.

Deena is the type of person who will do anything for the ones she loves. She always thinks of others before herself, she is kind, thoughtful, and sincere. She is one of the hardest working people I know, and is always willing to help others, even if it means personal sacrifice. She has an amazing sense of humor. She is strong, yet gentle in her nature, and extremely compassionate.

I had only known Deena but for just a couple of months, we had met up once for some happy hour, and chatted online about photography and such a number of times. I knew her well enough, but at this point she was still more my acquaintance-friend than a good friend. I ended up having to make some last minute travel plans for a family emergency, and Deena stepped in, offered all of the resources she had available to help, and literally bent over backwards for me. More than I would ever ask, or expect, of my dearest friends. When I told her how much I appreciated her help and gestures, this is what she wrote to me: “you know when you meet someone and just feel like they are all around good-hearted and well-deserving people? that’s what i felt when i met you, and while i don’t know you very well, i appreciate the person you are”

And that is exactly the same kind of person that she is.

We share the loves of food, photography, laughter, and dessert. Yes, dessert deserves it’s own category outside of food. We said so.

I was lucky enough to be able document something very special for Deena recently. She and her husband are celebrating their one year anniversary of marriage, however they never had any professional photos done. They ended up having just a small family ceremony, and no reception. It has been a very hectic first year for them both, Deena transitioning jobs and starting her own photography business, and her husband Sari completing his Masters degree. Amidst the chaos of everything, they haven’t had much time to celebrate and enjoy just being married, together.

I am happy to say that Sari completed his thesis and earned his Masters degree last month, and they are currently on a fabulous trip across the world in Amman, Jordan, and will be headed to Turkey next to celebrate the honeymoon they never got to take. While I have only known this couple for less than 7 months, I feel like they are some of my most dearest friends, and I am so happy that I was able to capture some memories for them to keep and cherish forever.

For their session, we shot downtown Portland. Their favorite “spot” is a lovely little coffee shop/cafe called Caffe Umbria, so we shot in and around the cafe. They spend a good amount of time here, and it is somewhere that is special to them both, so we figured it would be perfect!

Deena + Sari, I wish you nothing but love, happiness, health, and success. I feel so blessed to call you my friends, and I hope that these photos take a special place in your heart. Enjoy <3